Setup Help

At Caltrics, we know that everyone has their own way of working and, for that reason, Caltrics isn’t an 'app'. Caltrics information sits comfortably within whichever calendar application you already like to use, so you don’t need to change your setup. All your upcoming events are in one place.

How to link Caltrics to your calendar

To get Caltrics into your calendar, just click on the link below (unless you use Google Calendar, read further for instructions)
You can use Caltrics simultaneously within as many calendars programs on as many devices as you like.
The main link you need to connect with is:


How to link Caltrics to Google calendar

To get Caltrics into your Google calendar, you have to manually connect it up.
You need to copy the above link and use the "Add by URL" function within Google calendar.

There are specific instructions with screenshots here which cover the set up process